Omnivore - Tomatillos: quick dinner, ear-splitting ambiance

Checking out East Atlanta Village


We grabbed dinner Sunday night at Tomatillos. It's the burrito joint in East Atlanta Village that models itself after the long-closed Tortillas.

One departure from Tortillas is the decor. Tomatillos is lit brighter than a high-school cafeteria, whereas Tortillas was pleasantly grungy and gloomy. Another difference is the splashy art, including this sign dangling above the register. Is it the Phoenix rising from the ashes of Tortillas?

Another difference, at least last night, was music blaring so loudly that we moved outside to eat. But the external speakers were as ear-splitting. It was a first for me, but I asked the guy at the cash register to turn down the volume, which he did. Wayne, besides raging about the volume, was furious about the lyrics of one song. I have no idea. It turned out that a group of women inside had asked for the particular music. and the volume.

The aural ambiance aside, we had a good meal. I got my longtime favorite - a shrimp burrito filled with rice, roasted poblanos and pinto beans. Wayne got the same and we divided a basket of chips with salsa and queso, which we combined as usual. The burrito was a significant improvement over the last one I had here.

(Yes, I know that Bell Street Burritos, on Howell Mill Road and in Sweet Auburn Curb Market, also replicates the Tortillas menu.)