Omnivore - Whiskey Dick can be a good thing

Epic Meal Time's whiskey flavored lube


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The guys behind Epic Meal Time are notorious for grossing people out with their ridiculous and gluttonous meals on YouTube, but now they have made a crossover venture into the world of sexual pleasure. Introducing Whiskey Dick, a personal lubricant with a sour-mash! Yes, you read that right, Whiskey Dick. Somehow these guys have once again managed to give us something that no one really knew they wanted.

Whiskey Dick is aged in hard oak casks for four years and is "truly the gold standard of booze-flavored personal lubricants." The water-based lube promises a velvety smooth finish and has already won a Triple Gold Medal Award at the 10th Annual Great American Sex & Drinking Festival and the Quadruple Gold Medal at the the Pan-Euorpean Schmiermittel Festival in Germany.

So yes, whiskey dick can be a good thing, but we'll leave it to you to see if Whiskey Dick help can you rise to the occasion after a night of heavy boozin.'
Check out their promotional video on YouTube: