Omnivore - Puddin' Pops at DBA Barbecue

DBA Barbecue introduces new Puddin' Pops to dessert menu.


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The creation came as a late-night epiphany while Matt Coggins from DBA Barbecue was craving something sweet. The following day Matt headed to work, poured some banana pudding into a paper cup, stuck a stick in it, and froze it. Thus, the creation of the Puddin' Pop. Matt took the creation to the next level and began adding bacon, liqueurs, chocolate, and Girl Scout cookies.

Just in time for summer, the head meat man at DBA Barbecue has conjured up a variety of flavors including Peanut Butter Banana, Chocolate Thin Mint and Banana and Candied Bacon.

The pops will also be available cart-side as they hit the streets during Virginia-Highland's Summerfest next weekend.