Omnivore - There is NO good vegetarian food in Atlanta

...or is there?


Just kidding. There are tons of great vegetarian dishes out there. Most frequently, I order the Curry Tofu at Stir it Up in Little Five Points. Half-inch triangles of tofu, deep fried, then stewed in a mellow but complex yellow curry, all over Jasmine white rice. For non-vegetarians (like moi) the texture is what ultimately makes, or breaks, a tofu dish. Actually, a lack of texture, more often than not, is the real villain. Ok, texture in general is the keystone to cooking with any meat substitute, but definitely with tofu too.

Other notable vegetarian dishes on rotation? The vegan rib sandwich at 97 Estoria. It's like the environmentally friendly version of the McDonald's McRib. You don't want to jump off a bridge after eating it.

Breakfast is easy. The simple grit bowl from Stone Soup Kitchen, with cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños, and an egg.

I've heard amazing things about the grain bowl at Cakes & Ale.

There have to be more great finds like these waiting for a meat eater like me to stumble onto them. Or, you could just put us on to some of your faves in the comments...

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