Omnivore - Boss Kielbasa from Caw Caw Creek

Pasture-raised pork makes an impact


  • Caw Caw Creek

I must admit, the sausages sat in my freezer for many months. It was a pack of kielbasa from Caw Caw Creek, whose farm sits outside Columbia, South Carolina. A friend of mine happens to travel by there frequently, and is known to bring back large quantities of Emile DeFelice's pasture-raised pork. Caw Caw Creek is a prized supplier to many of the top restaurants in the South, and DeFelice has built a reputation as an advocate for raising pigs right (and the amazing pork-y goodness that results from that).

When some friends came over for an impromptu dinner last night, I took inventory of our freezer and was happy to uncover that Caw Caw Creek kielbasa. Caw Caw's kielbasa is unassuming at first glance, pale in color, flecked with a few dots of seasoning, like a Polish white kielbasa. You could almost call it unappetizing, but that would be a grave mistake. A comment from DeFelice reflects both the homely looks and hidden charm of this sausage, "kielbasa - our worst selling sausage just might be the best."