Omnivore - Atlanta Nosh: CLOSING

Market founder Michaela Graham announces closing


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  • Atlanta Nosh in Atlantic Station closes

Atlanta Nosh founder Michaela Graham has announced that the weekend market is closing, just shy of two months after moving to Atlantic Station. Graham attributes the market's closure to low attendance. Full-text of the announcement below:

Hi, everyone,

I'm sad to announce that the Atlanta Nosh is closing down. And with that I'm discontinuing all food events in Atlanta, as I know that my reputation will be completely shot.

Those of you that had come to the Atlanta Underground Market from the beginning, saw the growth. It just got too big to keep it under wraps any longer. It was either ; Close it down' or 'go big' . I made the choice to go big, naively thinking that going public would mean an increase inf numbers. It didn't happen. In fact we had lower turnout than at previous AUMs.