Omnivore - Food Haiku: The Spence

The Spence inspires more poor poetry


  • The Spence

Everyone knows how uncouth it is to review a place that just opened. Everyone also knows that haiku is the only proper poetic form to accurately capture the essence of a restaurant. This may tell you nothing you care to know about The Spence, but it may also tell you everything...

I visit The Spence
One week old, packed with people
Haiku shows the light

  1. 1

Chef is in the house
Fans come for oysters and pearls
Will he look my way?

  1. 2

Quail eggs ooze on top
Is that hamachi tartare?
Bone marrow melds all

  1. 3

Intrigue comes often
Smoke and glass surrounding it
Octopus and pig

  1. 4

So much worth drinking
Leap of faith fizz calls to me
Vin santo seals deal