Omnivore - Open face sandwich, too soon?

"Open face sandwich" leaves a bad feeling in Brooklyn's stomach.

<a href="https://media2.fdncms.com/atlanta/imager/do-or-dines-maimi-openface-sandwich-with/u/original/5530640/1338909497-s-miami-cannibal-sandwich-do-or-dine-large.jpg" target="_blank" class="zoomable" rel="contentImg_gal-5530630" title="Do Or Dine's "Maimi Openface Sandwich with 'Bath Salts'" - huffingtonpost.com">Image

Thanks to recent zombie-like attacks in Miami and Maryland, one Brooklyn-based restaurant decided to create a cheap shot at the ridiculous incidents. Do Or Dine is known for entrees like the Breadblunt (smoked salmon pâté served in an ashtray) so it came as no surprise when the restaurant posted on Facebook showing their dark humor. The now-deleted post showed a picture of a sandwich with the caption, "Too soon? Scary news sucks. This doesn't. Presenting the Miami Openface with Smoked 'Bath Salts'".

Apparently a few Facebook and Twitter followers were a bit opposed to such a dark joke, so Do Or Dine sent an apology saying:

"The majority of people thought that it was the culinary equivalent of an article in The Onion. A few people were very displeased with us. As a restaurant, we are not in the business of displeasing anyone, so we have removed the post. We are indeed guilty of telling a bad and tasteless joke on the internet, and we are very sorry to all who we have offended... although we, unlike the New York Observer, are not dismissing the crime as a 'Zombie Attack' which we believe is more insincere and degrading."

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