Omnivore - Honeysuckle Gelato and Cacao Atlanta collab

Honeysuckle's Wes Jones chats about the upcoming partnership


Starting Sat., June 9, you'll be able to find Honeysuckle Gelato at Cacao Atlanta - Bean to Bar Chocolate. To celebrate the upcoming union, Cacao and Honeysuckle will be giving away free gelato at Cacao's Buckhead location this Saturday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.; 6-8 p.m.

CL spoke with Honeysuckle's Wes Jones to get the scoop:

What kinds of products will specifically be available at Cacao?
Right now, we're just selling them gelato and sorbet.

Are you making any flavors exclusively for Cacao?
We're making them some of our best flavors for their stores, such as sea-salted caramel and honey fig. Additionally, we're working directly with them to choose the best sorbets to rotate seasonally. As far as the chocolate flavors they will carry are concerned, we've made a special version of our dark chocolate that is exclusively for Cacao, using their Hispaniola chocolate. We're also going to be constantly working with them to find the best ways to showcase the different varieties of their chocolate in our gelato.

Cacao focuses on local ingredients and heirloom sourcing, does Honeysuckle share the same values?
We're very similar in that sense. We are committed to buying locally whenever possible and when we don't it's because the product we need isn't available locally. Just like Cacao can't get their beans locally or regionally, we don't buy our vanilla beans or mangoes, for example, locally because they aren't grown here.

Is this your first collaboration of this kind, or is Honeysuckle available at other local businesses?
Cacao is the first location outside of our food truck where you can get hand-scooped Honeysuckle Gelato. We're currently rolling out pints at a number of Specialty Markets around Atlanta, such as Sawicki's in downtown Decatur, Toscano & Sons in West Midtown and Cafe at Pharr in Buckhead to name a few.

How did the partnership with Cacao come about?
Cacao certainly sets the standard for local companies when it comes to production, quality and consistency. Needless to say, they have always been on the top of our list of places we want to work with. Having been in business for almost a year now, we have proved that we have the same commitment to making high-quality, delicious treats. After our initial meeting with Cacao, both sides also realized that we have very similar philosophies when it comes to sourcing, customer service and everything in between so it seemed like a natural fit for all.