Omnivore - 170 year-old champagne sells for $156,000

Poppin' bottles of 170 year-old champagne


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  • 170-year-old champagne bottles sell for $156,000

Auctioneers were poppin' bottles in Mariehamn, Finland last week as the oldest known champagne bottles sold for $156,000. Back in 2010 a group of shipwreck divers in the Baltic sea came across some good booty - 79 perfectly preserved bottles of champagne. The highest priced bottle sold for 15,000 euros itself.

The bottles were found 50 meters below the surface of the sea, in the waters south of Aaland, a Finnish-controlled archipelago in the Baltic sea. The nearly 200 year-old champagne bottles were in such good condition because they landed horizontally, were under pressure, and at such a low temperature because of their location.

Aaland authorities discovered that the champagne contained two varieties: Veuve Clicquot and Juglar.