Omnivore - Baked goods for the cannibalistic type

Baked goods for the cannibalistic type.


Thanks to crazy people and their cannibalistic ways, the topic of zombies and the zombie apocalypse has resurfaced this awesome food art. Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom, the son of a baker, has been making these gruesome pieces since 2006. His family's bakery proudly sells his creations - hands, feet, internal organs, and heads - that are made completely from bread.

Kittiwat said:
"My family is in the bakery business and I learned to bake when I was about 10. I want to speak out about my religious beliefs and dough can say it all. Baking human parts can show the audience how transient bread, and life, is. Also, my bread is still bread no matter how it looks."

Watch to see how the bread is made and packaged at the family bakery: