Omnivore - Colbert's two cents on the Banana Bunker

Colbert's two cents on the Banana Bunker

What could be more agitating than a smushed or bruised banana in your backpack? Probably a lot of things, but apparently the problem was so frustrating for inventor Paul Stremple that he just had to do something about it. The Banana Bunker is the solution to the bruised banana.

The product, which looks like a hard plastic condom, is meant to "pamper your banana" when it's being carried in your backpack, purse, or possibly your pocket. The most incredible part of the product? It will cost you $16 with shipping and handling.

The creation caught the attention of Stephen Colbert, so of course he put in his two cents about the odd invention.

Watch Colbert's reaction to the Banana Bunker: