Omnivore - Pizza vending machines are coming to the U.S.

Pizza vending machines cross the pond


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  • Let's Pizza vending machines are coming to U.S.

Just what we need, a vending machine that offers infa-red oven-cooked pizzas.

Italian inventor, Claudio Torghel, created the Let's Pizza vending machine that pops out made-from-scratch pizza in just two-and-a-half minutes. Europeans have been able to enjoy the pizzas for the past three years, but now the machine's distributor, A1 Concepts, has been kind enough to offer Americans the opportunity to get their hands on some vending machine pizza.

A1 Concepts' CEO Ronald Rammers has conveyed confidence that the product will flourish in the U.S. because of its success in Italy. Rammers said, "Let's Pizza is a huge in Europe and especially in Italy. That was proof for us that we have a very good pizza."

The first location that A1 Concepts is interested in installing the machine is a "large theme park in Florida". No word on which one will be lucky enough to acquire the machine first.

Check out this dubbed ad for Let's Pizza: