Omnivore - A review too soon, or too late?

When the restaurant in question is quietly plotting major change

Image Ah, what is a food writer to do when he finds out that his soon to be published restaurant review may be (completely) worthless in a matter of weeks? As in, the restaurant in question is about to make a major change in personnel, in concept, maybe even in name? Should he go ahead and push for the review to be published? Should he drop it altogether? Should he hand it off to the business writer to tell the story of a restaurant reality that hasn't gone quite as planned? Or should he do something like this, and make it the topic of a blog post, seeking reader input and discourse?

The restaurant in question, three months old, will remain unnamed. Though diligent readers may certainly solve the puzzle. It's a place that, right out of the gate, has turned many curious visitors into fans. But clearly not enough. There's a liquor license in the works, that lottery card of restaurant revenues that can make or break a struggling endeavor. But the founder is no longer involved. The whole concept, the feel, the menu is in question. But nothing is set in stone. So how can one write a review knowing that the subject may soon be changing majors, switching schools, or dropping out altogether?