Omnivore - Ford Fry to take over Nava?

Rumor mill suggests Ford Fry could take over Nava's former location.


  • Courtesy JCT. Kitchen

In case you missed it, the rumor mill may have produced some truthful speculations about Ford Fry taking over Nava's former location. There has been extensive gossip that Fry would be the first to jump on the opportunity to open a new restaurant in place of the longstanding-member of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group.

Fry told BlackBook, "Buckhead is a key area. They haven't had anything new in so long. We thought to come in and give it something fresh."

He also mentioned, "Maybe the Spanish influence will come in here, but then again, I want it to be locally-source, American tavern type of thing... "

Sounds like a perfect fit for a place like Nava, but nothing has been set in stone.