Omnivore - 'The Scientific Hangover Cure'

AsapSCIENCE analyzes the causes and cures of a hangover

Super important life question: How do you cure a hangover? Most seasoned imbibers have a hangover cure they swear by waiting in the wings. You know, something along the lines of: "Dude, a raw egg mixed with Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce totally works, man. You gotta shoot it though." A little hair of the dog perhaps? Haitian voodoo people say that stabbing the cork of the particular bottle from whence your hangover came, with 13 black pins, does the trick. There's some truly wacky shit out there when it comes to remedying a hangover. But what about the science, man? What does science have to say? Glad you asked. Watch as asapSCIENCE analyzes the anatomy of a hangover and teaches you how to vanquish evil congeners with prostaglandin and cysteine once and for all.

Seriously though, how do you get rid of a hangover? Inquiring minds - and people possibly afflicted at this very moment
- who could truly benefit from your wisdom, want to know.