Omnivore - Lousy Tipper Database

Bad tippers beware!

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The next time you leave a bad tip, your name could end up in the Lousy Tipper Database. The 128 page database found at LousyTippers.com is searchable by customer name, city, and state; so far six of those pages are dedicated to Georgia. The submission form includes spaces to enter the customer's first and last name, street address or place of business, city, state, month, year, and finally the total bill amount and subsequent tip. Name and address fields are optional, but a quick browse reveals that names are included more often than not.

The list's creator remains anonymous, but we do know that he or she delivered pizza in college and recently returned to delivering food as a second job. After one bad tip too many, the unnamed vigilante decided to create a website where people could submit the names of bad tippers, effectively creating one very public wall of shame.

Here's site's sort of mission statement: