Omnivore - Mighty Wings are back, but only in the A

They're baaaack.


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J.R. Crickets, you better watch your back. Yesterday McDonald brought back Mighty Wings, bone-in chicken wings that were served in the early 90's. And Atlanta has gotten the honor of being the only city in the U.S. to try them—again.

The "newer" Mighty Wings are a part of McDonald's national menu test. The wings are actually bone-in chicken wings, not nuggets, that offer three different dipping sauces like ranch, buffalo, and barbecue.

So seriously, why the hell is McDonald's serving chicken wings again? It could be attempt to attract sales after seeing their lowest sales since 2003. Or it could be because, according to the president of the Greater Atlanta McDonald's Operator's Association, Donavan Groen, "[R}esearch shows that...guests today want more, meaty, bone-in chicken options. McDonald's is excited to bring chicken lovers across Atlanta a great-tasting wing that delivers a new, unexpected flavor experience that is bold and delicious."

Apparently Atlanta's chirps for grass-fed poultry have yet to reach the ears of McDonald's researchers.