Omnivore - Win two seats for Rosebud's Beastie Boys dinner

Free s#it!


Chef Ron Eyster will pay tribute to the Beastie Boys at Rosebud this Wed., with his "No Sleep Till Brooklyn Dinner." In this tasty, six-course reinterpretation of the Beastie Boys, Eyster and his chef de cuisine Christian Rodriguez have come up with B-boy inspired dishes like, “The New Style” Pork & Beans, What Goes Around” Corn Risotto, and Dessert for “Three MC’s & One DJ”. Reservations are required for the dinner which will include beer pairings from Brooklyn Brewery. Rosebud is located at 1397 N. Highland Ave. in Morningside, and the cost is $48 per person UNLESS you are the first person to correctly answer these three Beastie Boys trivia questions. Leave your answers in the comments. Ready? Go.

1) Which track on 'To The 5 Buroughs' begins with the line "Now my name is Adrock..."

2) Which New York rapper was a guest on the Beastie Boys classic 'Get It Together'?

3) Who sang lead vocals on 'Heart Attack Man'?