Omnivore - Daily Hash: Medical marijuana chewing gum, mysterious Alinea-Eleven Madison Park project, and more

What's up with this mysterious Alinea/Eleven Madison Park collabo? Your guess is as good as ours. Hint: The Chicago Tribune notes that the title, “21st Century Limited,” refers to the passenger train that once ran between Chicago and New York City.

Medical marijuana chewing gum brought to you by CanChew BioTechnologies is a'comin'.

Eat like a vampire with the soon-to-be released "True Blood" cookbook. HBO is also in the process of developing a cookbook based on "Treme".

Here's a chart of the weirdest things Andrew Zimmern has eaten. Jellied moose nose anyone?

Swiss border guards discovered hundreds of dead black caterpillars in the luggage of a traveller who said they were "snacks."

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