Omnivore - Learn to cook from former 'Top Cheftestants' online

Learnitlive.com launches live cooking classes, $10 off for <i>CL</i> readers

Atlanta-based online learning website Learn It Live has wrangled a few former Top Cheftestants, and they want to teach you how to cook. Each chef will host a live cooking class where students are able to interact, ask questions, and give comments via the session's live chat. Students are sent an ingredient list before the class and can follow along from their own kitchens. Laptops in kitchens make me nervous, but it's 2012 and I guess we do things like that now, so what the hell.

Classes are $40 each, but if you tell them we sent you, they'll knock $10 off your first session. Just email: info AT learnitlive.com and let them know which session you're interested in and they'll send you a code to redeem the discount.

It's a win-win. The chefs don't have to travel so much, and students don't need to leave their lair. Technology one, face-to-face interaction zero.

Here's the class lineup, dibs on FABIO!: