Omnivore - Atlantic Station Food Truck Fridays' gut-wrenching decision

Atlantic Station to rework food truck policy


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After a hard day's work on a Friday afternoon, a perfect way to start the weekend is to hop over to Atlantic Station and indulge in the wide array of food trucks that serve up their specials weekly at Food Truck Fridays. However, a recent policy may jeopardize this weekly tradition.

As the popular Ibiza Bites food truck pointed out on its Facebook page Thurs., Atlantic Station has implemented a new policy requiring food trucks to submit bids every Monday in order to have a chance to participate on Friday. Apparently, the vendors will not know if they are chosen until the middle of the week, which could present a problem when it comes to informing their followers of where and when to find their trucks.

In response, fans of the food truck Ibiza Bites have voiced their frustrations on Atlantic Station's Facebook page, prompting the following response from the company: "Our new Food Truck Fridays policy was on a trial basis & given the feedback we've received, we're re-working this policy."

It looks like there's nothing else that mobilizes people more effectively than the threat of taking away their food.