Omnivore - CASTING CALL: Culinary innovators and food-trepreneurs

Reality television beckons, local foodies


"Are your friends and family always begging you to make that special dish?" I don't really have any friends or family.

"Do you have a special recipe no one can touch?" I have recipes for lots of things no one wants to touch.

"Have you invented a completely new type of food item?" If mixing ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and BBQ sauce together to create a single condiment counts as a new food item.

"Do people tell you your product should be lining supermarket shelves and making millions?" Well, technically, those things already do line supermarket shelves. Just kinda have to mix them together.

OK, clearly these questions were not designed for me! But maybe they were designed for you? The creators of "Undercover Boss" and "Project Runway" are casting a new reality competition for culinary innovators. And — best news — they're starting here in Atlanta on October 14 at the W Midtown. The prize: the chance to make lots of money if people want to buy your culinary innovation in a grocery store.

The press release says ...
If you have a great culinary idea (i.e. a baked good, sauce, frozen food, etc.) then here is your chance to get your product on supermarket shelves with one of the biggest chains in the world today!

What chain do you think it is? Please let it be Piggly Wiggly.

For all the details on auditioning visit www.supermarketcasting.com.