Omnivore - Farmstead cheese takes root in Georgia

A look at local cheesemakers


Turning milk into cheese may not be as miraculous as water into wine, but the transformation in taste bud impact can be almost as intoxicating. At least water and wine are both liquids - cheese is a whole other state of being.

Now think about turning Georgia grass into cheese. If you're a farmstead cheesemaker like Rebecca Williams at Many Fold Farms, that's exactly what you do every day, with major contributions from a herd of sheep. It's the sheep on Rebecca's farm that chew up the grass, take in its nutrients and flavors, and are then kind enough to share the milk that derives a good deal of its character from that Georgia grass. Without the grass, no sheep. Without the sheep, no milk. Without the milk, no cheese. Luckily, Georgia is benefitting from a growing group of zealot cheesemakers eager to shepherd that transformation from the grass and hay on their farm to the cheese on your table.

Read the full story by Brad Kaplan here.

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