Omnivore - Yelp and Proof and Provision host Gingerfest

Get Red-y for some fun!


  • Courtesy of Yelp
  • Celebrate Gingerfest

In celebration of redheads all around, Yelp and Proof and Provision are hosting "Gingerfest." Chef Zeb Stevenson and Kathleen M. from Yelp have tag teamed to bring this event to their fellow redheaded friends.

On October 4, at Proof and Provision, located in the basement of the Georgian Terrace hotel, natural, dyed, and wig-wearing redheads will receive a free ginger based cocktail from 8 p.m. to midnight. However, those of us (myself included) that find themselves without a headful of red are invited to attend as well! There will be light appetizers served and Yelp gear at the event.

Get Red-y for some fun!