Omnivore - Let's judge Romney and Obama based on their favorite foods

Obviously, the smartest way to pick a president


Presidential candidates ... they're just like us! At least insofar as they also consume food several times a day to maintain a caloric intake that supports basic bodily functions like breathing and walking. AND LYING. Just kidding (half kidding).

For a moment, let's set aside all the rhetoric, our biases, and the many, many superficial reasons we've selected who we'll vote for in November — for instance, I'm voting for Romney because I like a dense eyebrow and clinical good looks (completely kidding) — and pick a president based on their favorite food items! Here's how it goes: I post several of B.O. and M.R.'s favorite foods and what it says about the eater (but no clues). You pick your favorite three. I reveal which favorites belong to which man after the jump. Whomever you have the most in common with, well, go cast your vote in November! Or you could watch the debates.

1. FOOD ITEM: Peanut butter and honey sandwich
What it says: I eat like I'm five years old, but fuck it, this is delicious. Ed note: I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich today because it sounded so good.

2. FOOD ITEM: Meatloaf cakes
What it says: I'm as all-American as a pie made of slaughtered cows and ketchup (that's a vegetable, folks)!Image

3. FOOD ITEM: Pizza from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria
What it says: I'm sympathetic to the plight of immigrants. Italian and hispanic, alike.

4. FOOD ITEM: Chili
What it says: Pffrt.

5. FOOD ITEM: Organic applesauce
What it says: I hate chewing and also pesticides.

6. FOOD ITEM: Pumpkin pie
What it says: Warm, spicy, and welcoming with unfortunate hints of Pilgrims and smallpox blankets.