Omnivore - Quick look at Atlanta's new(ish) food trucks

Demystifying the new mobiles in the food truck arena


  • Intense_Media/Photos.com

Food trucks are popping up left and right. These colorful mobile trucks are zooming by, at times too fast for us to catch what they're serving up. Well, have no fear citizens! Here is a quick roundup of the latest food trucks that are racing for your taste buds.

Mac the Cheese
Serving up comfort food to the max, Mac the Cheese features pot roast, grilled cheese, meatloaf sandwich, and of course mac and cheese. @MactheCheeseatl

Vintage Frozen Custard
The first frozen custard food truck in Atlanta, Vintage Frozen Custard offers premium vanilla and chocolate frozen custard that can be paired with signature toppings. @tastevintage

This mobile truck has garnered a strong following thanks to an ever-changing menu with items like an Avocado BLT, Smoke-Fried Wings, Peachy Pork, Chicken Shwarma, and more!

Southern Komfort Food
Food trucks seem to be a young man's game, but don't tell that to the founders of Southern Komfort Food. This retired couple is making their own mark by delivering traditional Southern food, prepared in ways that won't make you a premature victim of a heart attack. @sokofood

The Bubble Tea Truck
Bringing a touch of the East to Atlanta, The Bubble Tea Truck serves a traditional Taiwanese drink combining Green, Black, or Milk tea with various add-ons. @ATLbubbleTea

Beantown Barbecue
With 30 years of experience, the people of Beantown Barbecue know how to handle their pigs. From smoked and roasted pork coupled with their unique sauces: Vinegar based Carolina, Sweet & Smokey Memphis, and Spicy Chipotle, Beantown brings a new spin to the barbecue world. @BeantownTruck

Freckled & Blue
Dishing out Southern favorites such as Meatloaf Bites, Freckled & Blue riffs on Southern cuisine with unexpected menu items like the Asian Pork Shoulder Lettuce Bowl. Devoted to giving back to the community, every meal purchased feeds an Atlantan in need. @freckledandblue

This husband and wife duo are serving up pasties, hand-held pot pies, to the people of Atlanta. With a golden brown crust and savory filling, pasties are convenient for those on-the-go looking for a piece of home cooking.