Omnivore - The rise of Moscato d'Asti in Atlanta

Insights on the hip-hop/Moscato connection


  • Jacinta Howard
  • WINE COUNTRY: Moscato d’Asti from Ricossa’s vineyard in Piedmont, Italy, heads for thirsty ATLiens.

It was inevitable. The question everyone really wanted to know, but had yet to ask, loomed in the air. Walking down the crowded streets of Alba, a small city located in the famous Piedmont region of northern Italy, during a food and wine trip, Giovanni Alessandria, who works in the export sales department of Ricossa Wines, turns and asks: "Is it true that rappers have made Moscato famous?"

The easiest answer is yes. Pretty much. Probably. Of course, people were drinking the sparkly, sweet wine before Kanye started name-dropping it in verses and Drake declared it the "$10 Cristal," but the simple truth is they weren't drinking it as much. According to the global measurement company Nielsen, sales of Moscato have tripled since 2009.

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