Omnivore - Get in Ma Mouth: Chocolate-dipped Edition

Lead us not into chocolate temptation


  • Brad Kaplan
  • Chocolate-dipped treats from Maison Robert

Ahhh, Maison Robert. Why do you tempt me so?

I dropped into Maison Robert for lunch last week after a visit to the wonderful wine shop next door, Le Caveau Fine Wines (these two neighbors make a fabulous French duo). To order a sandwich (mine was a highly satisfying ham and brie on multigrain bread), one has to stand in front of the cases full of chocolates and pastries. There’s no way to avoid eye contact. Oh, hello there, rum balls. How you doin? What? Oh yes, good to see you, too, hazelnut bûchette. Resistance to the chocolates’ charms is futile.