Omnivore - La Fourchette closed, will reopen as Barca Tapas & Bar

Buckhead restaurant gets a facelift


  • Courtesy La Fourchette
  • New signage goes up at 3133 Piedmont Road

Earlier this month, on an Atlanta dining internet forum, one member reported that La Fourchette (located at 3133 Piedmont Road) would soon undergo a major facelift. "The owner told us he is changing the concept and will be closed at the end of the month for renovations," the post read.

Today, we learn that La Fourchette has closed and will undergo renovations through the weekend. The restaurant plans to reopen for dinner next Monday as Barca Tapas & Bar - according to the website, "A fresh new approach to Buckhead dining and entertainment."

A phone call revealed that La Fourchette/Barca owners are aiming for a cheaper price point with their new concept because diners don't seem to be spending as much as they have in the past.

According to La Fourchette's Facebook page, new signage for Barca was installed around noon on Thursday.

Barca will only be open for dinner (starting at 5:30 p.m.) its first week, transitioning to lunch and dinner service soon after.