Omnivore - No Atlanta food trucks on Daily Meal's list of America's best

Is there no Atlanta food truck worthy of the list?


Earlier this month, The Daily Meal evaluated more than 300 food trucks in 30 cities to compile its list of the 101 Best Food Trucks in America in 2012. Food carts, or anything that has to be pulled, dragged, pushed, or carried, were not included in the list, and while some dessert trucks made the cut, they were "the exceptions." (Big Gay Ice Cream, anyone?)

After these exemptions, 270 trucks remained in contention and were judged on four criteria: popularity, critical review, social score, and originality.

But despite the growing popularity of food trucks in Atlanta (nearly 60 and counting according to the Atlanta Street Food Coalition) not one was included on the list. In fact, only 11 trucks in four Southeastern cities were selected. (New Orleans - 2, Nashville - 2 , Miami - 3, and Charleston - 4.)

One story published by The Atlantic breaks down the geography of America's best food trucks: