Omnivore - Thrive Farmers Coffee

Going to Costa Rica to find a "local" coffee company


  • Brad Kaplan
  • Thrive Farmers Coffee Shop, Monteverde, Costa Rica

It was raining. Hard. I had spent the last few hours hiking through the Monteverde cloud forest reserve in Costa Rica, looking for the rare Resplendent Quetzal. That's a bird. Although it could also make a great name for a flamboyant Costa Rican wrestler or an immodest Costa Rican stripper. Anyway, I stumbled out of the cloud forest reserve, and spotted exactly what I needed for sustenance - a coffee shop. And not just any coffee shop, but one serving up their own locally grown and roasted coffee beans. The coffee was great, the exact pleasurable jolt I needed at that moment. I even bought a bag of beans to carry home to Atlanta with me, which is where things get even more interesting.