Omnivore - Chef Ryan Hidinger discloses cancer diagnosis, Atlanta restaurants rally

Team Hidi Benefit Dinner Jan. 27 at King Plow Event Gallery


Last week, supporters and fans of Staplehouse supper club were shocked to learn that chef Ryan Hidinger was recently diagnosed with stage four gallbladder cancer. Instead of an accustomed, friendly dinner invite, Staplehouse subscribers received an email last Friday from the chef and his wife, Jen, publicly disclosing the news.

To say that the couple was shocked would be a vast understatement. “Blindsided and terrified” is more like it Jen says. “We are concentrating on the positivity and love and support that is being shared with us. That is keeping us strong and vibrant.”

The Hidingers have been working to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant since the supper club’s inception in 2009, and, prior to Hidinger’s diagnosis, hoped to finally open some time in 2013. With restaurant plans temporarily on hold, the couple has embarked on a new mission: beat cancer.

On this front, they are far from alone.