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Glutton at Large: 678


  • James Camp
  • GANGSTA GRILL: 678's combination barbecue meat dinner plus banchan

Once upon a time, Buford Highway was the place to go for ethnic food and new culinary experiences. But, in the past five years, the quality of many standbys went downhill and new restaurants chose fresher - and further - locations to open, including Duluth, Tucker, and Suwanee. This migration was especially true when it came to Korean restaurants - namely those focused on barbecue. Even in Duluth, where Korean barbecue abounds, finding a restaurant that uses charcoal instead of propane is tough - the flavor imparted by coals is far superior. Not all Korean barbecue restaurants are created equal. Some serve a lesser product because there is now an expectation of value at Korean barbecue restaurants - a by-product of the all-you-can-eat trend that began around the time Duluth's Iron Age opened in 2010. But, for those of us searching for superior meat plus charcoal, 678's meat is hard to beat.

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