Omnivore - BoccaLupo opens in Inman Park

Bruce Logue is back in the kitchen


I expected to love the new BoccaLupo in Inman Park and, after two visits with 12 friends , that looks to be the case. The restaurant’s owner-chef is Bruce Logue, who made his name in Atlanta as chef at La Pietra Cucina, which became my favorite restaurant in the city.

Logue’s Italian cooking is inspired by Mario Batali’s renowned Babbo in New York, where he worked for several years. The big difference between La Pietra and this new restaurant is cost. The menu is, with a few exceptions, all pastas and antipasti with quite reasonable prices. Here are some pictures of dishes I’ve sampled. Above is “bruschetta banh mi” with slow roasted pork, chicken liver, and giardiniera (pickled vegetables).