Omnivore - A report from Marrakech

You ate where??


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My friend Lee Orr - lucky dog - is in Marrakech on the way to Nice and Paris for three months. I thought I'd share some of his latest email, including this disturbing paragraph:

Things are cheaper here, about 40-50 percent, except for American places like KFC, which is about what it is at home. And no corn syrup! I've had my first Cokes and ice cream in years. Is this why I've seen no really fat people? They also have orange juice stands everywhere - fresh squeezed for 4 cents. The expected snake charmers and monkeys.

Now, why in the world would anyone go to Marrakech and eat KFC? His reply:

I got really tired of tagines and lamb. And it is across the street. I'm off now to a very good Indian restaurant high atop this swanky hotel. No fried chicken or tangines.