Omnivore - Father's Day foodie gift guide

Give dad something he can actually use


Gone are the days when a popsicle stick picture frame studded with macaroni will do. You're older and wiser (well, older for sure), and maybe you have your old man to thank for helping you get here.

Whether your dad is your right-hand man or just a monthly friendly face, here are some last-minute gift ideas for any food-loving father.

For the dad who gets up at the crack of dawn to run and grows a patch of wheatgrass in the kitchen, get him a subscription to PaleoPax Tasting Box. Keep him happy and caveman healthy.

If pork is his vice, you know, melts over fall-apart ribs and drools over braised pork belly, get him a membership to the Bacon Club. Nothing says appreciation like cured hog.

Maybe he's a music man, eats with every sense, especially his ears. Turntable offers a Pairings Box that packages music, recipes, and ingredients gathered for an euphonious and tasty experience.