Omnivore - Toscano and Sons' final day on Marietta Street draws near

Italian market and godsend of a sandwich shop to seek new location


Yes, 'twas announced in May but the day is drawing nearer.

Toscano and Sons, the Westside Italian market and sandwich shop that's served countless panini to penny-pinching CL staffers over the last six-and-a-half years, is closing its Marietta Street location on June 19. Which means we will no longer have easy access to the always-excellent (and affordable at $5) Caprese panino, cannoli, and other offerings. As the staff wrote on the store's Facebook page in mid-May:

Although the Westside has become home to some of the city's best restaurants it has, sadly, not become the retail destination, or developed the residential density, we hoped it would. Additionally, issues associated with parking, access and unanticipated tenant mix continue to be a challenge. As a result we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that in the long term our business is not sustainable in its current location.

It's important to note that Toscano's isn't actually going away away. It's just leaving the Brickworks spot, which we hear will be taken over by a pizza place. The owners are currently looking at several different locations around town to house the market. To get an update on where and when it'll reopen, like 'em on Facebook.