Omnivore - Sixteen reasons to celebrate 16 years at Brick Store Pub's Sweet 16 party


Sixteen years is a long time to do something, let alone do it well. Which makes the Brick Store Pub's Sweet 16 anniversary party on Tuesday just that much more impressive. During the last decade point six, the Decatur Square establishment has doggedly worked to become one of the finest craft beer watering holes in the world. Before there were breweries popping up all over the metro area, BSP was here, serving up the best beer from the Peach State and far beyond. In honor of the pub's achievements, below are 16 reasons why you should celebrate with them on Tuesday, June 25.

1. Starting at 11 a.m., they'll be pouring the original 14 draft beers from opening day June 27, 1997. In addition to 6%-ABV-cap-era staples such as Warsteiner, Bass, Anchor Steam, and Hoegarden, a few locals will recreate past Atlanta-area craft offerings from Dogwood Brewing Co. (Pale) and Blind Man Ales (Pale, Blind Man Espresso Stout). All of these beers will be served up in 20-ounce pours at their 1997 price of $3.75.

2. Starting at 6 p.m., they'll tap several rare beers, such as 16th anniversary offerings from SweetWater, Weyerbacher, and Red Brick, and other hard-to-find, notable, and aged selections such as Founders Doom, Allagash Thing 1, Great Divide 2010 Chocolate Yeti, Dogfish Head 2009 Palo Santo, Thirsty Dog Red Rocket Sour Cherry, and many more. These will be $6 each for 10-12 ounce pours.

3. It's ever-so-conveniently located right next door to the Decatur MARTA station, just in case those nostalgic prices and rare brews seduce you into having one or three too many.

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