Omnivore - Checking in with my usuals

Grant Central Pizza, Grant Park Coffeehouse, the Shed at Glenwood, Cowtippers, and Carroll Street Cafe


The latest surprise at Grant Central Pizza was a pie topped with sliced peaches, prosciutto, feta, blue cheese, and arugula. It worked: sharp and sweet, crispy and chewy, a smidge of bitterness. According to my server, few ordered the pizza. Whatta bunch of pussies.

The restaurant has also been featuring fried green tomatoes fetched from owner Donny Parmer's own yard....

Grant Park Coffeehouse, with better wi-fi and pastries than Starbucks, made some radical interior improvements a few months back. Tables have been replaced with a beautiful wooden counter that wraps the windowed walls. I don't usually like sitting with my back to a room, but I appreciate the view. Summertime is turning out the kids visiting the zoo across the street.