Omnivore - Fly me to the Moonie's

Texas barbecue up in Flowery Branch


Man, I hate to be behind the curve in trying out a new, well-regarded barbecue place. Moonie's Texas Barbecue, way up in Flowery Branch, has been on my list for far too long, surely due to that OOOOTP location. The Georgia Barbecue Hunt blog wrote about it over a year ago, and more recently Atlanta Magazine gave them some good props and EatItAtlanta hit it, too. So, when my wife and I decided to head up to the north Georgia mountains, passing right through Flowery Branch, I knew a stop was in order.

Moonie's dubs themselves "an authentic Texas meat market." Their Texas origins, the ability to order the brisket or pork by the pound, sausage by the link, and the fact that they slice to order - all serve as good qualifications for that claim. Just walking in the place makes for a happy moment, as a rush of post oak-fragranced smoke hits your nose from the smokers just behind the counter.