Omnivore - Here and There: Moksha, Chipotle, and 200 holes in the wall

Four food flashes


  • Tom Maicon, AtlantaCuisine.com
  • Lasooni Dhaniya Murg, Tom Maicon's favorite dish at Moksha Kitchen

__Atlanta Cuisine editor Tom Maicon's latest "Pick of the Week" is Moksha Kitchen in Duluth. The Indian restaurant is the reincarnation of a Roswell restaurant by the same name. Tom says road construction forced that restaurant to close. Tom reports one particularly unusual feature: The ubiquitous lunchtime buffet ($10) is just as good as ordering off the huge regular menu. An excerpt from Tom's review:
The Indian fare that comes out of the kitchen of this restaurant doesn't arrive a cluttery mess of flavors, as it does at so many others.

Sure, it still packs a full wallop of flavors but in such a way that your palate can still distinguish every single note that makes up the perfect bullet chicken, and allows you to follow a chorus of flavors from the curry-spiced outside of a plump chicken wing right through to the smoky dry bone....

Someone recently posted this question on Reddit: "What's the best hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Atlanta that not a lot of people know about?" The question immediately prompted more than 200 responses.