Omnivore - 5 restaurants to hit up when you're in Vinings

Muss & Turners, SOHO, Canoe, the Attic Bar at Old Vinings Inn, Orient Express.

Originally known as "Crossroads" when it was founded in the 1800s, Vinings might not be the hippest, most accessible area of town, but this neighborhood - nestled between Atlanta, Buckhead, and Smyrna - is home to more than just ridiculously large homes and the Home Depot headquarters. We swear.Image

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  • Canoe

All Day: Canoe
When someone else is picking up the tab, there is no better place in Vinings than Canoe. With its warm, inviting tones inside and beautiful views on the patio overlooking the Chattahoochee, the restaurant oozes luxury and tranquility. On brunch days, be sure to start your meal with a pastry basket filled with Georgia pecan sticky buns and freshly baked sweet and savory scones. Follow up with the restaurant's famous house-smoked salmon appetizer (also available at dinnertime) served on a crispy potato cake with Vermont goat cheese. Wash it all down with a glass from Canoe's comprehensive wine menu. (And, maybe, also discreetly suggest to your waiter that, perhaps rather than using goat cheese out of Vermont with the delicious salmon, the chef head on down to the farmer's market and pick up a local one?) 4199 Paces Ferry Road. 770-432-2663. www.canoeatl.com.