Omnivore - Rambling: On taste, Coca-Cola, and Skippy peanut butter

Two food products whose taste changes from country to country.


One of the things I enjoy about frequently doing my writing at Grant Park Coffeehouse is the interaction with kids who are visiting the zoo across the street. It makes me feel like Art Linkletter on "Kids Say the Darndest Things." (The radio/TV show was the inspiration for Bill Cosby's '80s show).

Recently, at the request of an out-of-town reader of my psychology stuff, I met with a 7-year-old trans kid at the coffee shop. I'll call him Alex. Few things can be as challenging to a parent as accepting that their kid identifies mostly with the opposite sex. Even if the parents become totally accepting, they understandably worry about what's going to happen when the kid begins interacting with others his age at school.

Alex had just been to the zoo - after having his hair colored. Like many kids I've met there, his favorite animal was the rhinoceros. (They always mention the horn and I often cruelly ask them if they like unicorns.) I asked Alex what he has most enjoyed during his visit to Atlanta and he said without a moment's hesitation that it was the World of Coca-Cola museum. He said he enjoyed tasting the huge variety of international flavors, some of which he said he spit out.