Omnivore - TMZ dummy twists Laila Ali's words about Paula Deen

The glorious fiction of gossip about Paula Deen

Does it get any dumber than this? A few days ago, a TMZ reporter ambushed boxer Laila Lee, daughter of Muhamad Ali, with her husband, NFL star Curtis Conway.

As the two, obviously annoyed by the incursion, walked from a Mexican restaurant in Malibu, the reporter asked Ali how she feels about Paula Deen, given recent accusations of racism. Ali was on "Paula's Best Dishes" a couple of months before Deen's empire crashed.

Ali replied that she still likes Paula's cooking and said she didn't know much about Deen herself.

So, TMZ turns this into a defense of Paula. The story's headline is "Laila Ali: I'm Still In Paula Deen's Corner." That absurd headline has been spread all over the Internet, as if liking Deen's cooking is a defense of her racism. TMZ also wrote this bit of idiocy: