Omnivore - Water, water everywhere...If you've got $20

Restaurant offers 45-page menu of bottled waters.


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Remember Seeger's, the Buckhead restaurant internationally praised for the cooking of Guenter Seeger. In 2007, when the recession began its destruction of fine dining, Seeger's - by far the most expensive restaurant in Atlanta - closed.

One thing that infuriated many of Seeger's diners was to discover they were being charged for water brought to the table. Paying about $100 for a tasting menu (in 2006), most didn't expect the cost of bottled Vitell to be added to their bill, especially after not being offered plain old tap water.

Things are kind of changing again, it appears - or at least in Los Angeles. The restaurant Ray's and Stark Bar has a 45-page menu of waters, according to a press release: