Omnivore - Chris Flores opens Ratio Bakeshop

Passion and tactility = pastries from childhood


  • Courtesy of Chris Flores
  • Triple-chocolate cake


  • Courtesy of Chrs Flores
  • Chris Flores

You may not have heard Chris Flores' name before, but he's held some notable jobs as pastry chef around town. He's now operating Ratio Bakeshop in Decatur out of a shared kitchen, but hopes to have his own walk-in space soon.

I ate my way through a box of his creations recently - some kinda arty, most homey - and loved them. They are exactly what he says, the kind of pastries that transport you to childhood in a flash.

So far, you can find his pastries at MetroFresh, Savi Urban Market (Inman Park), the Albert, Market Across the Street, Park Grounds, Honey Bubble, and Kouzina Christos. Instead of Flowers is featuring his blackberry shortbread bars as their monthly dessert special. He will have a tent at the Atlanta Arts Festival in Piedmont Park next weekend. Look for a special dessert featured at Live and Dine in the Botanical Gardens and at Pastry Live.

He's also selling gluten-free pastries at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market...sort of: "I've done a few days there, like once a week, but it's really not my target market. Most people there don't care about it being gluten-free....And the market makes me set up in front of Sweet Auburn Bakery."

Flores is an articulate guy. I interviewed him via e-mail recently. I thought his comments were interesting enough to post the entire conversation: