Omnivore - On Jezebel's 100 best restaurants in Atlanta

A good list for those seeking "modern luxury."


I just saw the July issue of Jezebel, its annual food issue whose cover names Joe Schafer of King + Duke "Atl's Hottest Chef." Now, when I read anything that describes someone as the "hottest," I presume they mean...um...the hottest. Sexiest.

Not so. The inside page describes Schafer as the best rising chef. Not that he's ugly or anything - that's for sure - but you might want to think twice about making a reservation just to to spy on him because of Jezebel's description. His cooking is great, though.

Jezebel also names the 100 best restaurants. The top 10 includes, starting with number one: The Optimist, Empire State South, Bacchanalia, New York Prime, Chops Lobster Bar, Miller Union, Bistro Niko, Cakes & Ale, Aria, and Rathbun's.

Those restaurants, obviously, are consistent with Jezebel's readership in search of "modern luxury." Still, I thought it strange that the rest of the steak-heavy list does not include any ethnic restaurants, except "safe" ones like Nan Thai, Tomo, and Miso Izakaya. I guess you could include the many Italian spots. But, hello, can you not find a better Mexican restaurant than Jalisco in Buckhead?

Still, the issue is fun.

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