Omnivore - Return to Eclipse di Luna for menu changes

Try the skewers of dates and chorizo, wrapped in bacon.



My regular Friday lunch pal, Brad Lapin, returned to Atlanta last week after a few months at his place in Rome. Another regular, Lee Orr, has been in Morocco and France as long. (I hate them both.)

During that time, my other regular, Frank Miller, and I have been sticking close to Ansley Mall for lunch. But with Brad's return, we decided to check out Eclipse di Luna on Miami Circle after a long absence. The small-plate menu has been changed up a good bit and I tried a couple of the newcomers.

First was skewered chorizo and dates wrapped with apple-smoked bacon and dotted with Valdeon blue cheese. Next was seared scallops with a piquillo pepper salad and crispy Serrano ham. God. Brad and I ate the same thing. Frank stuck to his usual fried calamari, plus the chorizo newbie.

I can't say a $20 lunch (including a soft drink and the tip) is usual for me, but Eclipse is worth the occasional splurge.