Omnivore - The Wrecking Bar improves its food

Pub food with panache.


I had an excellent meal at the Wrecking Bar Brew Pub a few weeks back. The pub's food did not make a good impression on me when it opened two years ago. But I heard that it had improved.

The rumors are true. I ordered a plate of highly pedigreed local bratwursts (right) with house-made kraut, German potato salad, and house-aged mustard. I also liked the pan-roasted pork chop with grits, summer squash, blistered shishito peppers, tomato gravy, and green-tomato chow-chow. You won't go wrong, either, with the chimichurri flat iron steak with mushrooms a la grecque, Swiss chard, and baby carrots.

The food - from small plates to sandwiches and entrees - is very reasonably priced, which is good, because you're probably going there mainly to spend most of your hard-earned cash on the craft beers.